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7:31pm 12-22-2010
I love watching Beauty and The Beast and this is my first time no links pleaseing your site. So far I would love to come back to it. This is a great site.
1:19pm 11-28-2010
I wanted you to know i love your site, I no links please as often as i can...Love BATB series. Love V&C. Got the complete series and i watch a story every night before going to bed..Thanks for sharing your site.
12:34am 11-28-2010
Just wanted to say I love your site.. the memories re-no links pleaseed.
2:28pm 11-18-2010
Hi there! Great website you've got here. I was just wondering if you had any contact with the artists who's art you have on the site as I would like to get in contact with them about buying some of their work if thats possible. Preferably Barbara Gipsons art. Thanks.
6:23pm 10-30-2010
Hey, love the site! I'm writing stories for V/C and I was wondering if you would recommend any artists to draw pictures for them?
5:46am 10-04-2010
Hi Marina.I like your blog,it's very interesting.I was watching the series as a kid and I started reading poetry because of it.Back then,as a litlle child,I couldn't understand most of the talking about "love shall not lost" between the two lovers.Now,as a mature person and having personal experience on how painfull is to lose the woman you love,I can appreciate and feel like being a part of every single moment of the series.This is the first time I express my thoughts about how true the story of the series can be and I wanted to thank you for that.Keep up this excellent job.Be well.
10:30pm 09-24-2010
just signed up so will let u no but thanks
1:52pm 09-04-2010
Hi marina, what a wonderfull site, I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing through it and will no links please again. Thank God for people like yourself who keep the dream alive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2:25pm 08-29-2010
Just a reminder that the last post was in 2008, I bought the cd's 5 years ago well one after the other that is and there hasn't been one day when I haven't listened to a story when I was at home. I'm completely nuts about this series. There are still wondeful stories being written on CABB, thank you everyone. Love you.
9:25pm 08-24-2010
Thank you so much for bringing me back to this wonderfull world of fantasy and love, now my children watch the TV show with me and I feel like there is nothing more important than remember the good times, It is really a sense of joy that will last forever.
12:01pm 08-21-2010
Me has hecho recordar viejos tiempos, tiempos de juventud cuando todo esto era un sueño.

Cuando la veía, pensaba que sería fabuloso vivir una vida así!

Gracias, muchas gracias!
7:08pm 08-20-2010
Great Site!!!!!!!
8:39pm 07-14-2010
Hi! I love this site is Beautiful - Congratulations for the Wonderful job and Dedication you did to it, and Thank You for Sharing with us!! - I just love to watch Videos,Photos,etc of the BATB TV Show, and I would love to watch it again on TV as it was a Wonderful Serie from the 80s......they don't make them like thata anymore! Thanks again!
12:57pm 07-05-2010
what ever happened to Vincent and did he find the baby
12:54am 07-04-2010
Hi Marina,
I'm so happy about your site. Perhaps not many people looking in to it, but please don't remove it. There are so many sites on tunnels.com who won't work anymore. I can cry abot that!
I have been a fan from the beginning, but I didn't know about the site. Now I found it my live is complete! Thanks again.
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