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3:43pm 10-09-2012
silvia de argentina
la serie es maravilllosa no va ver otra igual. romanticismo ternura amor, y sobre todo que ni la muerte de unos de los protagonista, no dejo de maravillar a vincent su amor por catherin. yo no los dejo de ver apesar de mi edad.
1:21am 08-20-2012
cheryl lee
These two souls touched my soul and brought peace, beauty and the meaning of love into my life. May Catherine and Vincent live forever in our hearts.
12:43pm 08-08-2012
shirley quinones
I heard they making another series cant wait to see it, I loved beauty and the beast than and still do.
11:42pm 05-30-2012
I'm so lucky I found this site. It's so beautiful. I really enjoyed all the stories & the poetry as well as the artwork. It was one of my favorite shows when it was on TV. Now that I have the Complete Series on DVD, I can watch it all over again
10:05pm 03-12-2012
Debbie Hunt
I loved Beauty and the Beast TV show. And was so glad to find these websites, have enjoyed all the stories etc. Thank you all
1:28pm 01-18-2012
i love watching this show and i miss see it on t.v
2:22pm 01-09-2012
hi everyone nice to see there are still a great fan base of this wonderful and loving classic that brought so much joy to my life at a time i needed it. It gave me the hope that there is love out there one day for me and I found it
3:45am 12-22-2011
Great website!!!
Everyday i come in into this beautyfull site...
Beautyfull and impossible thing...
12:42am 12-19-2011
Debbie Robson
Would love to see this again.....
11:08am 11-17-2011
hey ... keep up the good work ... this site is beautiful ... love Beauty And The Beast, and thank you ever so much to create this site ... wish you a good luck
11:39am 10-09-2011
Thank you very much for your site ! It's not always easy for me to read because I speak french...but I make progress in english !
2:06pm 08-10-2011
Renee Lemieux
Hi again, I haven't written in a long time. Just want to tell you I'm still a big fan, still in love with the stories, the characters, I find the stories are beginning to die down, it's sad, very sad. I wish I could write but I'm no writer sorry. I have all the CD's and I listen to them nearly every day, I even two sets of CD's, the first one is scratched in some places, I don't how this happens because I'm so careful with them. Anyway I'm glad I have them. Keep the dream alive, we all need to dream.
3:26pm 07-09-2011
trisha tserkezie
just came across your website. wonderful to know that beauty and the beast still lives on. I was at my first con 20 yrs ago and have so many wonderful memories and made life long friends from that very first meeing. long may you keep the dream alive.
1:48pm 06-14-2011
Tawny Villalobos
I am so happy I came across this site. Thank you so much Marina! I too just finished watching the BATB on Netflix and truly enjoyed the episodes. Wow, they just don't make them like this anymore. I enjoyed the artwork on this site. I always wondered how Vincent would look with his shirt off Again, thank you for your hard work. Tawny
10:13pm 06-11-2011
Carrie Strickland
I loved this show!!! I would watch this show almost every time it would come on!! Just got done watching the first episode of the series on Netflix tonight, it was really fun and romantic to see it again! Funny, almost named my first son whom will be 19 in July after Vincent! Be blessed!
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