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3:20pm 04-04-2011
I adored the series when I was younger and I have watched the whole series again on satellite. You have an amazing website which is truly mesmerising and takes you right into Vincent's world, somewhere far preferable to that of reality. Thanks Marina.
3:21am 03-27-2011
Just checking in on how your arm is doing and how the surgery went. We miss your updates and really appreciate this wonderful site! With all the crap in the world, it's refreshing to have this wonderful series as an escape.
5:26pm 03-26-2011
Awesome site, have been a B&B fan ever since it came on, can't get enough of Catherine and Vincent.It's nice to watch and dream, if men had only have of Vincent's caring and loving. Oh what a world it would be.......................Thanks.
2:31am 03-24-2011
Hi, really great side. I also loved to read your "Episode Reviews". What else to say. Thank you!
8:22am 03-11-2011
Michelle Galutira
I am a B&B fan ever since, until now as a way to relax after a long day at work, I watch my favorite episodes from season 1 and 2...it always made me smile and look back on what really love is about...pure love indeed. Thanks to Vincent and Catherine =) I am very happy to find this site. Very lovely. Thanks!
12:33pm 02-22-2011
Lenora Martinez
I just celebrated my 52nd Bday watching my Beloved complete 3 seasons of Beauty and The Beast on DVD! I also treated myself to Vincents CD-Of Love and Hope! Now I can hear his voice when I need to hear a safe, kind voice! I love it! Thanks
2:31pm 02-21-2011
jodi josephs
I was a B&B fan and I collected a lot of stuff, but now I need extra money so I am selling my pics of Ron and the color/b&w pics of vincent etc. If anyone is interested please contact me at jjironeyes@entermail.net and I will tell you what I have and prices. I make jewelry too and have a website. Hope to hear from you.
7:10pm 02-17-2011
marian thomas
loved the show...wished it could continue showing the baby growing up and vincent having a new love interest...................this site is great and wish you the best and more info
12:27pm 02-13-2011
Sheila Ruiz
This is beautiful site. I love it.
3:10am 02-07-2011
Very beautiful fanpage of Beauty and the Beast. I will link it on my site.

Be well

12:37am 02-06-2011
I have always loved the beauty and beast show from day one and I still love now. I favorite person is vincent he is so caring and loving person. I wish our men of today would be alot like vincent. Thank you for the show I have some dvd's on beasuty and the beast.
10:37am 01-26-2011
Lovely to find a website still working after all these years. I still love this show even now, and the conventions gave me some great friends.
5:37pm 01-18-2011
I appreciate this web site and will be coming back once more.
8:10am 12-31-2010
i happened on this site becuase I was trying to find out if vincent and catherine get together as a couple I watched the series years ago and just bought the first two season I think that is a wonderful show I love vincent and catherine together I think the make a great couple and they show the real meaning of love.. I hope you can tell me if they get together
6:15am 12-30-2010
G'day Marina, a magic site to no links please and fantastic stories to read. Thanks so much for bringing a little bit of heaven back to earth. Happy New Year to you, and a healthy, prosperous and safe 2011. Love, laughter and joy, best wishes, Skip.
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