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12:54am 07-04-2010
Jessica ten Barge
Hi Marina,
I'm so happy about your site. Perhaps not many people looking in to it, but please don't remove it. There are so many sites on tunnels.com who won't work anymore. I can cry abot that!
I have been a fan from the beginning, but I didn't know about the site. Now I found it my live is complete! Thanks again.
4:01pm 06-26-2010
Betty Ann
I'm so impressed with your site.. In a day when all things are possible with TV.. where the dead live again and persons lost can reappear, wouldn't it be fantastic to see this series revived? It's refreshing to watch the episodes and see a moral lesson taught with each one. I received the box set of all 56 episodes for Mother's day and have enjoyed it greatly. We could do with a lot less reality TV and more lessons on acceptance, hope, and love. I'll no links please often..Thank you for the work we can all enjoy..BA
6:40am 06-19-2010
The only station right now that shows BatB is Chiller TV. It is a small cable station, they also show Ron Koslow's Moonlight and Millenium. I think it might only be in the US and Canada, but you could get it on satellite. Google Chiller to find the website with the schedule for episodes. A small pet peeve, Chiller does some "creative" editing, as there are more commercials now than in the 80's and they have a tendency to cut the romantic bits more than the action.
1:15pm 06-16-2010
Queen Johnson
I pray you are doing well, I thought about you because I'm just getting back to work after having surgery on my hand. Typing is rather interesting, thank God for spell check. Be Well, Be Blessed
4:46pm 06-13-2010
will the show ever come back on an old station.. like leave it to beaver or i love lucy.... i miss this show so much. i want to watch it from the beginning on tv.
7:10pm 06-09-2010
Rachel Ferko
You have put so much effort into this site and its so fantastic! I love the show, I have never cried harder over a show Keep up the amazing work!
9:25am 06-04-2010
This series of shows makes me sob! I love Vincent so much! <3
2:02am 05-30-2010
Sharon Roden
Hope you get to feeling better as I enjoy this BATB Website
11:39pm 05-28-2010
Shane Hepting
This show was my world! Today was the first time since the first time season 3 was aired that I watched it. I am still sad!
9:26am 05-28-2010
I just found your site. I love all the pictures and screen caps "
I will be making banners. I'm not sure where I'll post them though.
9:56am 05-25-2010
Hi, 1st hope your arm is better and sorry about the accident. 2nd thanks for this site, it's amazing, and what i like most of the series is the poetry...it just takes me to places that i can never imagine exists. I just love the chemistry and the connection and the bond between Vincent and Catherine....thanks again and hope you get well soon
6:29pm 04-19-2010
the BATB series will always, always be my favorite series.
I absolutely ♥ love ♥ this site. I love the stories.
9:41am 04-13-2010
6:23pm 04-03-2010
My mom just told me about these series only 2 months ago or so and I have fallen in love with them (and Vincent, too!). Lovely site!
10:44pm 04-01-2010
[I]Hello! I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the Scrapbook is[/I]I really enjoyed it. I could hear Vincent reading all the poems. Thanks alot.
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