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5:29pm 03-23-2010
From the French Tunnels:
I've been away from your pages for a while. I like the new layout for the gorgeous art, and this guestbook.
Be well!
5:48pm 03-09-2010
Hope your healing is going well. Take good care!
11:45pm 03-03-2010
So sorry to hear about your broken arm. I hope it heals quick.
5:28am 02-20-2010
thank you very much for this wonderful page . This TV serial will be for ever my favorite!
10:47am 02-07-2010
I greatly miss the BATB series. I recently found your site. Terrific job. Keep up the faith...
12:48pm 02-03-2010
Queen Johnson
Sorry to read about the broken arm. I pray for healing for you. I'm under the same constraints with my right thumb. Wishung you a speedy recovery.
6:46am 02-03-2010
Marina, have a good rest and take the time to enjoy your fanzines. I'm sure its good and helpful for your recovery,
Take care
4:32am 01-30-2010
Marina (site owner)
kjc, claudia, donna, jeaninine, trina : thanks for the get well wishes. i just returned from the hospital and now it's time to recover. the only positive off all this is that i have more time to read again so it's time to dig up my batb fanzines again
8:31pm 01-26-2010
I've been meaning to sign your guest book for months now. So sorry to hear about your arm. I second Jeannine's advice about pain meds-- there's nothing like being out of pain to speed healing.Just thought I'd say how astonishingly beautiful this site is. It draws me back again and again.
4:29am 01-25-2010
Hi Marina,
I'm so sorry about your arm and I wish you all the best for the surgery. Get well soon!!!!!!!!!!
8:00pm 01-24-2010
Sorry to hear about your arm. Please take care and have a speedy recovery.
8:00pm 01-24-2010
Sorry to hear about your arm. Please take care and have a speedy recovery.
11:47pm 01-23-2010
Sorry about your arm and impending surgery. Wishing you the best, make sure to get lots pain meds and I wish I could make our "Vincent" materialize at your bedside to read Great Expectations to you.
11:27pm 01-23-2010
Trina Bagwell-Valdez
Thank you for such a beautiful website!!! I have come here several times, and each time I enjoy it more. The artwork is wonderful. My favorite though is Vincent's letters to Catherine, read by Vincent. He has the sexiest male voice I have ever heard. I love Vincent's character. He is everything a woman secretly dreams of a man really being. Again thanks again for all your hard work, effort and time you have put into your website. I hope you recover soon.
3:52am 01-23-2010
Marina (site owner)
To all,

Thanks all for signing the guestbook. I love reading the messages. Sadly there won't be any site updates until I recovered from a broken arm and surgery. I hope to be back soon. Take care all
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