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11:00am 09-02-2009
The most enchanting site I have ever seen. Many thanks to its creator!
Replied on: 4:20pm 09-02-2009

That is a real compliment. Thanks!!!

9:04am 08-31-2009
back again cant get enough of this site love it ,thanks for all the hard work put into it.
Replied on: 4:19pm 09-02-2009

You're very welcome! Makes me happy to hear this.

12:29pm 08-21-2009
read another story today, wonderful lots of love and romance. So clever ,keep them coming ,will never tire of reading about vincent and catherine.and thank you for keeping their story alive, where would all of us B&B fans be without clever people like you.
Replied on: 11:14pm 08-21-2009

And if you have finsished reading all the stories here, go to the link page : here you'll find links to many other sites and to the library hub ...

10:29am 08-20-2009
lovely site will be no links pleaseing again
Replied on: 11:11pm 08-21-2009

Thanks! I think you will enjoy it.

1:16pm 08-15-2009
Karen A. Sullivan
I loved the Beauty and the Beast series and glad to see that we fans are still here. Love your website.
Replied on: 11:09pm 08-21-2009

Yup. This fandom is still very much alive and kicking.

4:28am 08-14-2009
mich meyvisch
Hallo Marina,
Weet je nog wie ik ben ? Dat is lang geleden! Had geen idee dat je nog steeds met BATB bezig bent en zo een wondermooie site gemaakt hebt! Proficiat! Geheel toevallig ben ik hier beland toen ik voor mijn oudste kleindochter iets opzocht over de tekenfilm Beauty and the Beast. Ja, de tijd staat niet stil, het is ondertussen al 20 jaar geleden. Ik ben nu bijna 60, op pensioen en heb twee kleindochters die mij bezig houden. Heb nog steeds contact met een paar fans van de oude garde maar toch meestal met Stella uit Nederland. Wij zien mekaar regelmatig en soms worden herinneringen opgehaald aan onze fanclub tijd. Stella en ik zijn fan geworden van een paar andere reeksen. Daar tussen heeft de reeks Moonlight onze voorkeur. Nog niet uitgezonden in Belgie, maar wel in Nederland. Reeks werd geschreven door Ron Koslow en bevat veel van de elementen die ons zo bekoorde in BATB. Check it out! Echt de moeite! Ook vinden wij de boeken van Stephenie Meyer een aanrader. Het eerste boek van de vier werd verfilmd: Twilight. Een beetje BATB voor tieners ! Maar oude liefde vergaat niet, BATB was en blijft een fantastische reeks! Nogmaals felicitaties met je site! Groetjes, Mich.
Replied on: 11:06pm 08-21-2009

O yes I do. It's with your Belgian Fanclub that it all started for me... my first steps into BatB fandom.

6:44pm 08-12-2009
johanes sidharta
something reminded me of them.in my childhood,i loved to see them even that i haven't understood yet about the story.but even that time,as a little kid i can feel the warmth of their love.now as a 25 year-old guy,i wanna be like them in my daily life.i wanna thank you for making this site,where i can find them (again) and satisfy,may I say,my childhood desire.maybe i'm not as strong as vincent,and my girl as beautiful as catherine,but we hope their love inspires us in the coming days and life stories.God bless you all.
Replied on: 11:03pm 08-21-2009

Isn't it wonderful how a 'simple' tv-show can have such a possitive influence on someone? May the two of you find your 'happy life'.

11:10pm 08-09-2009
suzi w
great site beautiful work
Replied on: 10:54pm 08-21-2009

Thanks Suzi!

7:34pm 08-05-2009
Hi, Marina. I love no links pleaseing your site. You did a good job with it. I just love they way the stars follow the pointer! So nice. It's great to have sites like this in our tunnels to keep this romantic couple alive! Thanks for all the great fanfics. I'm still working my way through them all!
Replied on: 1:29am 08-09-2009

Thanks Linda. It's my way to keep the dream alive and it is always a challenge to work an idea out and convert it to html pages ... but, for me, thats the fun of it.

7:16pm 08-01-2009
I just found this site today- wonderful job. I am a big fan of BATB. Clearly the most romantic series ever! Catherine and Vincent forever!
Replied on: 1:27am 08-09-2009

Thanks! It's the best show around, no doubt about that. And even after so many years, the fandom is still very much alive and kicking!

5:21am 08-01-2009
skippy flink
what a joy to come here and find loving hearts and kind families around me. May you go on forever.
Replied on: 1:26am 08-09-2009

That's the idea. Only wish I could provide more updates. Lot's of ideas only not enough time to work them out, but, as they say, better late then never. Stay tuned.

2:52pm 07-28-2009
I just like to say that I absolutely love your site. I love BATB. It's like one of the greatest shows on earth. I have a question though, in the episode Nor Iron Bars A Cage, when Vincent is captured by Professor Hughes and has that dream when he was in Catherine's apartment, do you know tha name of that song? I have the BATB CD and it's not on there. I just love that song. Anyway, I just love those two together and I hope to see more good things on this site. BATB Forever
9:14pm 07-24-2009
I was blessed to be a fan of the show since day one. Vincent and Catherine has in a small way have been a part of my life on a daily basis, be it photos, dvds, stories and art. I miss the show very much and will never give up hope that one day we will see them all again together be it on tv or a major motion picture and finally see things set right. Long Live Beauty and The Beast!
Replied on: 1:24am 08-09-2009

Spoken as a true fan. A show that has touched the lives of so many ... it truly is wonderful, isn't it ...

4:54pm 07-24-2009
Lisa Popek - LV Nv
I'm glad to say that at 54, I still love B&B and have all 3 DVD's. I really wish they would make a miniseries dated 10 years after Catherine dies, and use the storyline that she was in a coma and in protective custody like so many of the fanfics have, get a house with a tunnel entrance, etc. No movie could show all of that, just a week long miniseries. I'm begining to want a tatoo that says V&C forever with a rose in it somewhere.
Replied on: 1:22am 08-09-2009

I keep hoping for that too, a movie or tv series - time will tell ....

12:59pm 07-08-2009
Thanks for the info and I will go to the mailing lists. I still keep in touch with some of the people I met at conventions but I would like to talk to a few new people as alot of my friends have moved on to other things and dont want to talk B&b anymore.
Replied on: 1:20am 08-09-2009

Well, you'll see .. the mailinglists are the perfect place if you want to talk to other batb fans ...

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